Ghislaine Georges, MPH, MBA

Founder & Executive Director

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Elizabeth Thompson, Architect

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Greg Stanley, BA

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Marianne Fahs, PHD

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The mission of IAAC is to help break the cycle of poverty among underprivileged youths of Haiti through access to health, education and vocational training to enable children to achieve their highest potential. In addition, our organization seeks to alleviate the human condition in the communities that we serve by providing potable water, medical and dental, and other support services.

Presently, the IAAC Orphanage is running at full capacity with 20 children ages 6-16 years old. The house is full of love, caring, and laughter, and it is hard to believe that during their short existence these children have experienced losses, dislocation, hunger, and trauma that most adults only read about. We nurture and care for them so they can experience a "normal" childhood. 

The generosity of our supporters has made it possible for us to create a safe environment for the children to grow and thrive. They are all attending the best schools in Les Cayes, and it is our dream that they will become self-sufficient members of society in Haiti.

IAAC continues to sponsor education for many young adults throughout the community who will be ready to enter university or a trade school in the coming years. We also continue to support a community school of 150 primary school students. We hope to complete expansion of the IAAC Center in 2016 to accommodate the countless number of orphans that we have to turn away every day due to lack of space and resources.

We are inviting you to continue to be a part of their journey and success story. 






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