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· Contact us to discuss options for annual giving plans, and to support specific programs such as our Expanded Construction Project to accommodate more Orphans, or to sponsor the Education of a Child.


· Make a fully tax deductible donation to IAAC.  Your contribution will help provide food education and job training for poor children.




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We invite you to participate in a life changing volunteer experience in Haiti.  Twice a year we accompany doctors of all disciplines to travel to Haiti to deliver medical and dental care to people in need.


In addition, we invite college interns and other professionals to come to Haiti to teach English, Computer Skills, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts.


These trips also offer individuals the opportunity to see for themselves, the impact of their charitable contributions.






























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Summer Internship Available

To join us or, for more information, 
call (347) 879-2004

E-mail: gigi@iaac4children.org

“First off, I want to sincerely thank you both for providing me with the opportunity to intern with IAAC and live in Haiti during these past two months...I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. Mirette, Junia, the children and my English students have given me so much love and joy that I will never forget. I hope they enjoyed my presence as much as I enjoyed theirs, and that my English students will now have the  stepping stones and encouragement necessary to further excel in English in the coming years. It was incredibly difficult to leave and I already miss them so much.”                                                Danielle Cyr, Connecticut College Intern, Summer 2015

Danielle Cyr with English Students